• Network Support

  • Hard-wired networks

    Our computer network experts get your computers, printers, faxes and
    mobile devises talking to each other. Networking is all about communicating
    and sharing – sharing data and sharing files. We provide a range of computer
    network services for business, from network planning and consultations to turnkey
    relocation set up of networks. We work with you to select the right components,
    provide competitive hardware and software pricing, and coordinate with your other
    vendors for a smooth and successful implementation.

    Wireless Networking

    Sending data through the air can be a great convenience or
    an extreme security risk and a source of constant headaches. We can install and
    configure secure, business-class wireless networks.

    VOIP (Voice Over IP Phone) solutions

    A convenient, money-saving option to enhance your ability to communicate with
    employees and customers. Avatar can assist in implementing a hosted VOIP solution
    that will not only make your employees more productive, but also avoid the problems
    and expense associated with purchasing your own outdated phone system.

    Remote Access

    Our computer support helps you determine the best way to access your system
    remotely. Whether you want to work from home, from the airport, from another
    state or from another country, our remote-access experts make it seamless and
    easy. We can set up a virtual private network (VPN) to extend your secure network
    to isolated remote computers.

    Email Solutions

    Most businesses can’t function without email.There are many email services from
    hosted to onsite email management, but which service is best for your specific
    needs? We work with you to determine the right email solutions to keep your business
    email continuity, anti-spam, shared contacts and calendars available.

    Hosted Exchange

    An affordable, reliable method to gain the full benefits of Microsoft Exchange.
    You can access your emails, address book, task management and documents from different
    places through your desktop computer, laptop and mobile phone.

    Mobile Devices

    Get work done even when you’re on the road. We integrate your devices seamlessly
    with other network appliances to keep you connected.

    Virtualized Servers

    Virtual servers allow you to run a server within a server – meaning you can use
    one physical server to host multiple virtual servers. We can recommend a solution
    to back up your system on virtual servers and image your drives and servers to ensure
    that if you do have a problem with your system, your critical information will remain
    safe. Meaning you save money.

    Voice and Data Cabling

    The lifeblood of your network or phone connections. Selecting the appropriate cables
    for your needs is more complex than you’d likely imagine. Our cabling advice helps
    you select the right solution and install them to make strong, secure links.